The City of Seaside is an ocean-side community that overlooks the beautiful Monterey Bay on the Central Coast of California, approximately 115 miles south of San Francisco.

Seaside, formerly East Monterey, is a city in Monterey County, California founded by Dr. John Roberts of New York. It. It was the former location of the former military base Fort Ord. Seaside was also the home of NFL player Tony Curtis and football coach Herman Edwards, Jr.

Located on the Monterey Bay coastline, the city boasts of a cool Mediterranean type climate, strongly influenced by the prevailing winds from the west, which blow over the Pacific Coast’s cool ocean currents from Alaska. With an average daily temperature of 70 degrees in October, Seaside makes for a pleasant day at the race or out and about enjoying the many tourist attractions.

Like so many other ambitious pioneers in the late nineteenth century, Seaside’s founder, Dr. John Roberts left New York in 1887 for California and settled near relatives in Pacific Grove. He and his uncle bought 160 acres from the David Jack’s Corporation. In 1910, as Monterey County Supervisor, Roberts successfully lobbied President Theodore Roosevelt to locate the US Army Base for Ord in Seaside. This base housed over 20,000 infantry members and civilian workers.

Seaside’s convenient location gives residents and visitors an opportunity to experience all of the amenities that the Monterey Peninsula has to offer from wine tasting to whale watching… and everything in between. Explore the breathtaking beauty and abundant sea life of the Monterey Bay by Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Parasailing and Scuba Diving. For Land lovers there’s world class golf at the immaculate Bayonet and Blackhorse Courses… or if you prefer, just take a stroll down the pristine Seaside Beach and wiggle your toes in the sand.