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The Nats that just keeps on giving. As you start, continue or finish up your winter builds and you need a custom tank to fit your boat or want a cool, sturdy, container to transport your fuel don't forget about your $20 Off Coupon in your race program for all entrants of the 2022 NAMBA Nats. John is ready and waiting to take your order

If you attended the nats, you looked in your Swag box and among all those things you found you got a 50th Anniversary Souvenir Windup Toy Speedboat. So if you had a good time at the nats but weren't able to bring your little son, daughter, niece, nephew or even the neighbor kid next door please pass this souvenir onto them and share with them the good time you had.

As a kid when my Dad would go off to Amarillo Texas, Washington or Colorado for a nats when I was unable to go Dad he would bring me back some souvenir. It may have helped cement the glue that has kept me stuck to this sport for 45 years. So I thought I'd share some of that glue with you all with the thought that you might find someone in the next generation that just might get stuck to this hobby like you by you sharing the moment through this small gift for your kids. Hope they enjoy it.