Social Events

Because it’s never all about the racing, participants and their families are encouraged to come join us at three very special events that occur during the week of the 2022 50th Anniversary NAMBA Nationals.

Hosted by and at Monterey Touring Vehicles, the welcome party will feature burgers, hot dogs, and all the fixings within a warehouse filled with iconic classic cars from the 1927 Bugatti to the 2008 Tesla Roadster. Live music will be coming at you courtesy of Proper Villans.

This event carries something even more unique. There will be a raffle for a half day of one of these beautiful machines sponsored by Monterey Touring Vehicles. What a perfect way to enjoy part of your Wednesday when racing pauses and you have a chance to take in what the Monterey Bay Peninsula has to offer. More details soon.

You’ll find Monterey Touring Vehicles just down the street from the race site at 2228 Del Monte Ave, Monterey, CA 93940.

Visit Monterey Touring Vehicles

Always a fun and exciting evening, the Paddleboat BBQ blends spirited racing of a different kinds with food and create conversation with friends. Held at the race site, the Paddleboat Party will feature amazing BBQ and action-packed Paddleboat Racing!


Paddleboat Racing has become a tradition at the NAMBA Nationals. Racing will include the Gary Johnson Sportsman’s Class and a Modified Class.

The rules for each are given below:


Only those boats purchased at the present or past NAMBA Nationals are legal.  These paddleboats may not be modified in any way.

Construction Guideline for these boats:

  1. Boats must be constructed from solid wood or plywood. No balsa or light ply pleases.
  1. The paddle will be constructed of wood and no more than four blades. All blades shall be no thicker than 3/32 inch, no longer than 2 ½ inches, and not wider than 2 inches. No blade cupping or modifications please.
  1. The boat hull should be approximately 15 inches long, ¾ inches thick and 6 inches wide.
  1. The propulsion system will be a rubber band or bands, stretched across the transom between two screws or bolts and needs to be perpendicular to the boat’s riding surface.
  1. Placing the current NAMBA logo on the deck of the hull is recommended as the paddleboat then becomes a nice National souvenir.


  1. Shape may be of any design.
  1. Hull must be at least 15 inches long.
  2. Width and paddle size are open.
  3. Construction materials are open.
  4. All boats must be propelled by paddles.
  5. No prop-driven boats are permitted.


NAMBA Nationals paddleboats may be decorated to add interest and individuality. Such decorations may include team names, colors, logos, or NAMBA number for easy identification.

No slippery stuff will be allowed on the rubber bands or boat’s bottom.

Number of boats in a heat will be determined by the Contest Director with lake or pool size in mind. First one to cross or hit the finish line will be the winner. Double elimination style racing is recommended.

Trophies will be awarded based on the number of entrants.

Once all the racing is complete it’s time to celebrate at the Nationals Awards Banquet. The banquet room at the host hotel, Monterey Tides, features a beach view creating an amazing setting to settle down, enjoy the company of our friends, and hand out some awards recognizing the successes of the week.